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Decision 2012

“Once again History will be made this November in this nation that is often referred to as God’s own Country.”

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“In the news for all the wrong reasons, a defiant leader unleashing terror on his own citizens and subjects. To understand this crisis, a close look at the history of modern day Syria will be insightful. An examination of its ancestry; religion and culture will assist all who want to understand the position of Russia and other nations that are apparently defying the “Superpower”. We now have a preview of the present and future world order.”

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US DoD hosts first LGBT Pride month event

“Your status as the pre eminent armed forces on planet earth and the best damn fighting machine hangs in the balance since you have not openly endorsed homosexuality in your ranks, you have also celebrated your first LGBT pride month.”


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Releasing the Word!


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Wake up America !

The President of the USA is currently the most powerful political office on planet earth. Decisions, Policies, Proclamations, Pronouncements, and Directives from this office leads, influences and sets the tone for the world. Occupants of the office need to be conscious of these facts and consistently seek the leading of the one who placed them on this seat. Daniel 2:21, Proverbs 8:15
America has deviated from its Godly heritage and roots and as Billy Graham said “If God fails to judge America, then he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology”. We at DGM consistently intercede for the office of the President of the USA. However it appears that apart from making history as the first African American president of the USA, Barack Obama will be remembered as the president who among other things funds abortion, ordered that his administration will not defend DOMA passed under Bill Clinton in 1997, and promotes same sex marriages. Jan 30, 2011.

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Trust not in your horses, chariots of fire or your nuclear arsenal. I am your Lamp and you remain the apple of my eye and I will continue to watch over you supernaturally. June 3, 2012

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The Euro

This common currency is set to succumb to the cultural, geographical and economic imbalances of the continent. This currency will cease to exist in its current form within a decade. May 14, 2012

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The “Church”

Never since the advent of the Christian Faith has there been “so much saturation of religion and church activities & events yet the level of immorality, corruption, idolatry, apostasy and fraud on earth is unprecedented” Almost all of you are worshipping the creation and not the Creator saith YHWH. May 14, 2012

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Barack Hussein Obama is close to becoming a one term President, and if he wins a second term “the departure of my Glory from this land will be hastened saith the Lord of hosts”. May 14, 2012

I do not know who will win the US Democratic primaries or the presidential election; I do know that history will be made. NDPTF event @ Lehman College; May 2008

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It is the presence and prayers of a faithful remnant that is sustaining this nation. “Not only do I hear the cries of the oppressed, but I also see the oppression, poverty and corruption in all corridors of power. My double edged sword is set to prune and a loud wailing like never before will soon be heard in all of the land saith the Lord of hosts” . May 14, 2012

Goodluck Jonathan will win the presidential elections but “he has nothing to offer Nigerians”. I see “an ocean of oil with fire burning on it, I see charred bodies and blood on the streets of Nigeria” March, 2011

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