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Make America Great Again

It is taking a “dotad” to to place America back on the path that was established by its forefathers and founders. A Dotad!

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Vacancy in Aso Rock

There is Vacancy in Aso Rock!

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Power 2019

Already marred by widespread violence, intimidation and desperation for Power by all parties. Campaigns bereft of Impactful Ideas and selfish candidates. Lives lost and continue to perish. The Goal post moved at all times. Uncertainty of agendas. A Jeremiah 23 “Church”, blindsided
El Elohe AAJI is King Eternal.
“Calm ye, Calm ye for behold I am YHWH and ….

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Mankind is so preoccupied with technology and all it avails oblivious to the obvious resident Evil in it. Mankind is so preoccupied with the $$$ and almost entirely blind to the signs of the end of Times!
There is so much calamity and disaster occurring at high frequency yet mankind and the Church cannot seem to comprehend what all these portends for creation. “I am YHWH and King Eternal, Sovereign and Omnipotent and will hearken unto the faithful remnant in the Land! Let the Ekklesia arise to its calling and purpose on earth!””

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Wither America !

The fact that history will be made on Nov 6 is non consequential and a non event regarding the fate of America. It will take a “brokenness and decisiveness” that America has so far shown no inclination towards; for a restoration to the America of our forefathers that “trusted in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We are on a downward spiral economically, spiritually and morally !

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The Face behind the Masks !

Politics, Religion and almost all forms of “Entertainment”; Sports included are all masks and tools in the hands of Lucifer.
The Evil one and his cohorts have used these masks and tools to hold humanity captive and wreck subtle but pervasive and colossal havoc to humanity since the modern era. Be informed that man was created to bring Glory to the Creator; but now almost entirely serves and worships the creation-Lucifer.
All of man’s creations & inventions are set to self destruct. Money, weapons, technology…..just to mention a few, have and continue to plunder humanity and all of mankind into the abyss.
YHWH ADONAI will not tolerate creation’s rebellion much longer !

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2 Nations State

“No earthly nation can foster or broker Peace in the middle east. It goes back to Abraham. Galatians 4”

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Sovereign National Conference

“It is imperative that the National Assembly allow a National dialogue which can be put to the first ever referendum in Nigeria. The voice of the common Nigerian should be heard. If the 469 NASS members cannot convey the desires of their constituents, then let the voice of the masses be heard. Our outer garment of unity is in shreds and we need to act before the inner garment holding us together is also shredded and ripped apart.”

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Decision 2012

“Once again History will be made this November in this nation that is often referred to as God’s own Country.”

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“In the news for all the wrong reasons, a defiant leader unleashing terror on his own citizens and subjects. To understand this crisis, a close look at the history of modern day Syria will be insightful. An examination of its ancestry; religion and culture will assist all who want to understand the position of Russia and other nations that are apparently defying the “Superpower”. We now have a preview of the present and future world order.”

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